Software Engineering, Theory & Algorithms

The research group on Software Engineering, Theory & Algorithms (SETA) unifies the former research groups Middlesex Applied Software Engineering (MASE) and Foundations of Computing of the Department of Computer Science of Middlesex University London. One main focus area of the group is on methods and models for the Engineering of Safe and Secure Software systems, applying these techniques to a wide range of applications from IoT, Embedded Systems, Cyber-physical, mobile and distributed systems. The other pillar of our research is Theoretical Computer Science and Algorithms in its own right but also to provide foundations and techniques for rigorous modeling, analysis and automated verification for Software Engineering.

The conception of software engineering techniques and theory depends on stimulation by research questions from application domains. We are building a community of practice focusing currently on the following objectives:

  • Digital Twin: we associate with the London Digital Twin Research Centre ( for challenges and case studies, like early detection systems for structural damage to vital infrastructures such as bridges and Urban Resilience in Agriculture Through Highly Automated Vertical Farming in Vietnam and the UKĀ 
  • Software Engineering techniques for Quantum Computing
  • Security and Privacy for healthcare systems with a focus on GDPR and explainability
  • Multi-agent and game-theoretical reasoning using classical, modal and non-classical logics

Thus our objectives are perfectly aligned with the Middlesex Strategy 2031 (research themes):

  • health and well-being
  • inclusive socio-economic development
  • sustainability of communities and the environment